Split w/ Black Everest

by Captain, your ship is sinking

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Split 12" with our friends from Black Everest on Moment of Collapse Records, 50 Year Storm, IFB Records, and win htein records. 100 on baby blue wax, 200 on black wax. Get one while they last!


released January 4, 2013

The Captains in this recording were: Friso – vocals, Ruben – guitar, Casper – guitar, Robert-Jan – bass guitar, Robin – drums. These songs were recorded early April 2011 at Studio The Artillery in Didam by Marloes Polman and Robert Nabbe. Mixed by Marloes Polman and Robert Nabbe. Mastered by Carl Saff.



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Captain, your ship is sinking Netherlands

CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING was founded by five friends with a shared passion for atmospheric, intense and loud music. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the captain played mid-tempo screamo relying on both melodic delicacy and sludgy heaviness. The band played its 60th and final show in April 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Heksenjager
Dear Simeon Ben Shetach,
Rise once more for me
Your son needs revenge
Thank him for that

And all of the spells
All off the dreams
The sorcery has got me to my knees
Dear fallen king,
Of old Ashkelon
Could you help me to offer a witch?

And so the words echoed again
‘I will never leave’
But instead of doing so
I found myself alone

This witch cursed me now
She burned up my knees
While I was about to pray for relief
And all of the nights
All of our dreams
I think it’s about time to let it all go

But this is the time that we set our goals
This is the time to end it now
For all of the times you didn’t show
I think I’m set for the kill.

This is the time that we cut the cord
This is the end of transmission
This is for the heart that bleeds endlessly
Please remove this spell now

Remove this spell
All this time…
When we are done…
It’s time to make a change
She’s better of dead now.

We are both doomed when this ship sinks
And we are already making water
Please don’t tell the captain that we’re lost
He can’t take another burden

Take this pill
Raise this hell
when we are done
time to make a change
She’s better of dead now.

Take her of the gallows and she’ll cut your throat
Better throw her in the river
Throw her in the river and see if she sinks

Any last words?
‘for always; regret.’
Then she was done
It was time to make change
I think she’s better off dead now
Track Name: Cognitive dissonance is a bitch
Next year I will be gone
Next year I will move on
But I can’t tell you (now) what it’s about

Oh no, I missed out again
I have failed myself again
Next year I’ll see the world
Next year I will be heard
And I still can’t tell you what this is about

Oh son, I thought too fast again
I have missed out

Bury these goals again
And it all comes down to this
Track Name: Yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre
So this tombstone (has) got our names on it
Carved with a blunt axe by these heretics
Please bring back the crashed plane’s black box
We have lost out but still can save some songs

Discard! Discard! Discard! This light
There is no need to save us tonight
Now put this corpse out of my sight
You are ruining my appetite
The artist blows or I will clam
Never ever bite the feeding hand
Now put this corpse out of my sight
You are ruining my appetite

So I have heard
There is a thief
Cruising through your scene
With a book (full of ideals)

So these ideals
Are all about
Broken hands
And broken jaws

I am yelling ‘fire!’ in a crowded theatre
But no one cares
So I will burn
Their bridges down
Seal this doom
And then you can decide
Which one has to die

Dig up the hatchet