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by Captain, your ship is sinking

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Released on 12" by Moment of Collapse and Sadness of Noise Records.


released July 1, 2009



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Captain, your ship is sinking Netherlands

CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING was founded by five friends with a shared passion for atmospheric, intense and loud music. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the captain played mid-tempo screamo relying on both melodic delicacy and sludgy heaviness. The band played its 60th and final show in April 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Let the blood of the martyrs command you
It makes no sense, I will bury all of you. I will set new goals. I can’t find this trophy which I deserve to win. I will never sleep again, I will rest and rise. Set up all new lines, to create and define. Romeo lost his face in this fight, in front of these old Greeks who were predicting this night. And we’ve all lost the meaning to that (simple) line. Yeah, everything’s better when I’m just fine. Singing along, this stage is all clear. But I’m waiting outside. We double the courage with all of our friends. And double this pain; a lie. More drinks and more love songs. More drinks, more pills more dramatic scenes. The end is all over and we’ll have to begin. Unleash this hell and start all over again. Brick by brick, we’ll build this place for us. This house we created with reasons and lies. All heads are off, but no one’s here, who will we sacrifice? We’ve shed all day long, we’ve lost all our weight. With nothing to drink we just communicate. With bare hands and feet, we drag ourselves to sleep. But I’ve lost the map, so where will we meet? I’ll drag myself to sleep hoping it will al be over.
Track Name: We will ninja your loot
There is an old man sitting on his bay. Time has moved, nothing’s changed! There is a young cupid waiting to shoot. Time has told! Nothing’s changed! Time has told, nothing has changed. Another hero killed, but I am alright. Take notion, nothing’s changed! Another messiah, another messenger. It’s been told, nothing has changed! Remember us, do you recall? So here is your charity, this one is for you. I have waited so long but nothing to prove. I’ve got reasons and seclusions buried in a glove. We’ve had it all and now we have nothing. Remember us, do you recall? You have mad a promise, that you would sacrifice. Long time gone, this will be over soon. This will end, this will be your doom. You have made a promise, that you would sacrifice. We march to the dead without even knowing what’s going on. But we’re holding hands to feel some grace and keep some faith. I’ve got 40 stitches in my eye and 40 miles to go. We still don’t have a clue so we’ll carry on. It’s this victory march that kills you now. This will be your swan song, so take notice.
Track Name: No shit, I'm the original partytrasher
It’s all done. You are done. Flowers and postage. All been sent. All been done. Poets. Poets. All these words... Losses... Losses... All this loss... Take it. Take care. End transmission, end this line. Taking. Breaking. End transmission. End this line. It’s this morning I forsake, I want your golden tooth. It’s this morning I forsake. Come on! Rise up! And this golden rule of thumb. I will haunt you till the end. And this morning you awoke. I will haunt you till the end. But you will make it till the end.
Track Name: Noah, build me an ark
Coming home now. I am the life. I am the threat. I am the monk that brings out his dead. Remember fights on your street. Do you recall the smell of defeat? Erase the blame, deny the flame. Build a ship that holds all these waves. Break the mould. Bring this guilt into the night. I am your knife in my gunfight. I am the crow, flying scared in loops. But I am Thor, who sends out his troops. I have to bury all my dreams. I am singing this old song. Oh dear Capt. You got it all wrong. Captain, now what will we do? Continue on this deck and play songs. One more melody before we go. Oh dear Capt. You got it all wrong. Mayday, Mayday, we’re going down. We are making water on this hollow ground. Wear this grudge like a crown. You are wearing it all too well. Mayday, Mayday, it’s going down. Burning in these waters, in these drowning waves. Captain, Captain, what have you done. You are sending us all to hell.